Can't find user on Teams

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Can't find user on MS Teams when searching for them
Please help 

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Make sure the user domain is not a GCC high tenant. They do not seem to be able to be added as guest user.
how do you mean ="user domain is not a GCC high tenant.
Hi @Raymond950

There could be a few reasons for this which you may need to check with your admin

1.) They have information barriers enabled
2.) They have implemented Scoped Directory Search in the Teams Admin Centre

More often, it's number 2

Hope this answers your question

Best, Chris
Another possible reason could be the Teams upgrade mode where they are....I haved had this problem with a customer recently and in their case we discovered they have their users in "Islands" mode what prevented them to discover users in federated chats

Haha yeah forgot above coexistence modes in a post SfB Online world. Nice one @Juan Carlos González Martín. That would be a third reason :D



Isn’t IB the first step before scoped search toggle?
Nah, typically it's the other way around - in my experience over the years here many more orgs have scoped directory search in play as opposed to IB. But they are the two main reasons you can't see someone from your own org, at least in searching and when trying to add them to Teams