Can't edit .docx files in Teams

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Hello everyone, my colleague is having a problem editing Word documents in Teams. When they try to open it, the text is grayed out. They have to download the files locally and then open them in the Word desktop app, which takes more time and they have a lot of documents to edit (treatment plans for eating disorder patients). Can anyone help me fix this? Thank you!


Image below:


I know it's tiny, but I can't show more because it contains PHI.

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Can they open them Online or directly in word? All word files?
Just this user?
Can this user create files in this location?


@adam deltinger Hi Adam, thank you for writing back. They have the same problem with Word on the web, it's arisen in the past week or two. Previously, they were able to edit within Teams and on the web apps. So far, I have not received reports of this issue from any other users, but this one is the only one who edits and inputs data from treatment plans. Thanks!