Can't create Teams Meeting in Outlook - Office 365

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We have been having this issue in our organization for a few days. When trying to create Teams meetings in Outlook using the "Teams Meeting" button, it gives us the error: "We couldn't schedule the meeting. Please try again later." Is anyone else having this issue?

We're on Version 1905 (Build 11629.20246 Click-to-Run)error.png


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@ I know this sounds too simplistic and stupid, but I have had the same problem on multiple occasions forever. Today, I just shut down Teams and Outlook and restarted, meeting invitation worked fine, as it should. 

@Howard1217 We have tried this but it seems it did not work for us!

Our users are connected from home using proxy. maybe that is something which is causing the issue.


we couldn't schedule the meeting. please try again later

@dawood674 did you ever get to solve that? still struggling w/the same thing here

Hi, @Ronak Agarwal 

Really exist a restriction in use the same calender.

In my case I've two accounts in my outlook email_1:@mycompany and When I'd set email_1 in both not work, but when I'd set email_2 it's worked well. However just in the email_2 calender.    I don't see problem about that because I just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V team link in the correct invite.

Another observation is that Teams should be necessarily open before Outlook for correct sinc.

Zoom plugin - no problem, GoToMeeting plugin - no problem. TeamViewer plugin - no problem.  Microsoft Teams plugin - NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS!!!  Microsoft is "supposed" to be one of the top software companies in the world  yet can't get a simple plugin to just install.  IT staff have to spend days or weeks searching the internet for solutions and all these tricky procedures just for an Outlook plugin.  Do anyone at Microsoft understand how ridiculous this is???  We should just be able to run the setup and move on with life!

Bingo!!  It's Solved through workaround. Its problem with Calendar --> Team Meeting.  I created Teams Quick access toolbar or Customize Ribbon and move Teams Meeting to Mail Tab . staying in Mail Tab access New Team Meeting or click the Quick Access Teams icon .      @TravisSteele1 

@Ronak Agarwal 


I found that outlook could not create teams meetings resulting in this error message without an account configured in exchange. Once I created the exchange account it worked fine but generated a bunch more complexity connecting the exchange email account with the locally hosted email xyz@abc. I think I would have to move my email domain to Microsoft to eliminate this so I'll just use another collaboration app instead - simple

@Prshnayyar Dear .. Please be informed that I have fixed the issue successfully.


The Steps are:


1- Close the Outlook and the MS Teams.

2- Uninstall the MS Teams.

3- Reinstall the MS Teams as an Administrator.

4- Open just the MS Teams and keep it until it's getting loaded.

5- Close again the MS Teams and restart it again.

6- Open the Outlook and check the "Teams Meeting".

7- Done!

8- Incase the above steps are not fixed the issue then go to number 9.

9- Close the Outlook.

10 - Open the MS Teams using the Web.

11- Open now the Outlook.

12- Now you should get the "Teams Meeting" link successfully.




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To fix Outlook's Calendar's new MS Teams meeting message, "we couldn't schedule the meeting"

  1. Login as the user & do all the follower AS THE USER
  2. Kill/Quit Outlook.  Kill/Quit MS Teams.
  3. Again install MS Teams (there is no need to uninstall first) via MS website:
  4. Launch Teams, at top-right click the MS Teams avatar > check for updates > ..wait almost 2 minutes and at top center of Teams screen it likely will state, "We've updated the app. Please refresh now" at which time please click that message to relaunch Teams.
  5. After Teams FULLY opens up (which usually takes 15 seconds after the Teams app window opens), then launch Outlook.
  6. Wait about 30 seconds and go to the Calendar and then the Teams icon should be present & should function properly again.


@Nic_Boyle any solutions to fix? i am facing the same issue....

@johnneu Thanks John!  That worked for me!

@TravisSteele1  - I too have the same issue.

@luiscolon2On my side it was just the addin that was disable on Outlook Options (dont know why?).

File / Options / Addin / Disabled Addin then re-enable it.

Restart Outlook

Works fine

This randomly doesn't work for some users. This has pretty much been my experience with Teams so far. Random things don't work. You're all saying uninstall, reinstall, open this one 1st, blah blah blah but my users are all on an RDP server. It works for some users but not others. Only Microsoft can create these kinds of problems.


You may find helpful my explanation for differing Teams experiences for different users based on whether they are paid subscribers, Microsoft email users, or other mail client users


Page 2 of:


These are all on the same domain under the same Teams policy.


I think I have found solution for me and yourself


The way to test it out is to see if Teams schedule opens ok in Web version first of all. If it does then next step are an extremely likely fix for your Local Outlook app issue with Teams Meeting creation button not working. Or for that matter ANY issue with OUTLOOK.


I used to work for MSIT dept in Microsoft Reading so I used this fix quite a lot for  Outlook issues . It'ssusually caused by a crash of windows or outlook corrupting the outlook PST file that contains some sync info that can never be fixed. Its simpler and faster to RECREATE a NEW PST file . Sadly Microsoft products ,unlike Others I  am not allowed to mention here  crash quite a but and skrew up the file system a lot. 


Im cutting to the chase here so this might work but paying for the business version fixes a lot of integrations too so don't be skimpy for a few bucks .

So you need to 

1st Delete your  faulty  Outlook Mail Profile from Control Panel ( but you can leave it there if you want  ( its optional of you want to play safe) You can just ADD a NEW  MIL profile in control panel  


Make sure you have a backup of your emails in your own PST file 1st in case something goes wrong .However IF your emails are all cashed in the cloud anyway meaning you can access them from Outlook webmail then you do not need to worry.


  1. Open Control Panel by clicking the Windows key and typing Control Panel.or in the search box in the bottom left type   Control panel 
  2. In Control Panel, change the "View by:" in the upper-right-hand corner to Small icons then click the Mail icon.  so it lists all the control panel features 
  3. Click MAIL 
  4. Click the Show Profiles button.
  5. Highlight the profile to be deleted and click the Remove button. ( optional to delete it) 
  6. Click OK.

Essential step

Go back and Create a Outlook Mail Profile from Control Panel

  1. Open Control Panel (click Windows button and type Control Panel).
  2. Click the Mail icon as before 
  3. Click the Show Profiles button.
  4. Click the Add… button to add a new profile
  5. Name it something like your name or your business name ( my silly Example "John doe"  ) 
  6. OK
  7. . Enter your 365 Business Email domain name  it will look like My example  is  entetthe   password  as shown  and OK 
  8. Now CHANGE the box that says "ALLWAY USE THIS PROFILE to reflect the new name label you  created in step 5. BUT  only require  IF you decided to KEEP your OLD Profile . since  its going to be the ONLY MAIL profile so it does not matter
  9. Click OK 


You now need to do similar for Outlook

Now open outlook 365 app

Click on LEFT side click  File  menu , 

Click "Offce account" at the bottom ,

A new box opens showing your office account info . In right-hand box click on Switch account.

Now enter  that same (YOUR  ) Business Domain email  you just put in previously  

EG as above


Now outlook  it will pickup that  FRESH NONE corrupted  outlook file you created 



What Version 365 I choose 

I recommend at least the the £12 per month 365 Business standard as it has all the Local apps bundles and Business version of TEAMS  and that made sense as it was just £40 more per year than my  365 home family version. Much  the same but WAY better support, more apps and also the desired integration of TEAMS with Office 365. Now I know it makes no sense why Microsoft cannot link a paid for a personal account to a Free teams but it is what it is., from what I have researched the Business section is totally separate from personal Familly and FREE versions so these versions are not AS integrated.

The cheaper BASIC Business version ONLY work on a WEB page . you have been warned. So if you hate web based stuff then steer clear of it. It works ok but takes a bit of getting used to. But it is half the price 


hopefully I have not missed any steps.

It took me 1 hour to do this,so hope you can appreciate the free  effort