Can't create Teams Meeting in Outlook - Office 365

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We have been having this issue in our organization for a few days. When trying to create Teams meetings in Outlook using the "Teams Meeting" button, it gives us the error: "We couldn't schedule the meeting. Please try again later." Is anyone else having this issue?

We're on Version 1905 (Build 11629.20246 Click-to-Run)error.png


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Hi@SharkyMcStevenson My Environment is having this same issue. Can you please explain how you can add your teams account to outlook? 

I would like to try this to see if this can resolve tis issue for us. Thank you 

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the Teams meeting Outlook add-in. To be able to use the add-in you need to have a subscription that includes an Exchange mailbox. If you for example are using Teams free with a personal subscription, not including Teams/Exchange, it will show up in your Outlook client but it will not work.

You don't add a "Teams account" to Outlook to get it to work. You simply use your Outlook account with the above prerequisites and the meeting add-in will not only show up but you can also use it as you're on a business/enterprise subscription which has full Teams functionality (including Exchange mailbox).

The add-in also must be enabled by your admin if you're using it in an org. This page has very detailed information about the Teams meeting add-in for Outlook. Usually people are being helped by going to the sections "Other considerations" and "Troubleshooting".
For me, it needed to fix error message, so we added * to our GPO bypass proxy.

FYI: Outlook client details: Version 2106 (Build 14131.20360)
Same issue facing for me today, any solution for that?