Can't create tab from Word or Excel doc in shared channel

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We are using a shared channel for the first time, in a Teams workspace where all the members are staff, ie internal to our tenant. The shared channel is restricted to a different set of staff.

In the General channel I can create a tab from any of the MS files that have been uploaded to the channel. In the shared channel, when I click the ellipses alongside a file, that's not an option - see screenshots. 

Creating a new tab by clicking the Plus at the top of the channel also produces different options - see screenshots. In the General channel, there are 12 options which include Word, Excel, Powerpoint (these are controlled by our Teams apps permissions policy). In the shared channel there are only 3 options - OneNote, PDF and Website.


According to Microsoft's learning resources this doesn't seem to be a genuine limitation of shared channels - it says "Shared channels support tabs except for Stream, Planner, and Forms." So I guess it's a bug? Does anybody know a way around it?  I'm using version of the Mac client, and of the Windows client. I've tried the browser version as well - same outcome.

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I could live with that - it would be a minor inconvenience if we had the ability to add a tab via the other method and base it on a Word or Excel document. I watched a video demonstration from Microsoft which suggests we should be able to do this: - fast forward to 8 mins 35. It's about sharing specific apps, but you can see from the demo that he clicks the Plus icon to create a new tab, and that Word and Excel are among the options.
Saw the video, and maybe is on the plans to bring this up