Can't create a new team as a Global Admin

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I am the MSFT 365 Global Admin for my tenant. Recently, I have not been able to create new teams using the Teams' desktop application. However, I still can create new teams from the Teams' administrator dashboard. 


I checked the team's creation policy and found no restrictions applied to my account. Would you please help me find out why this happens?




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Hi @Mentash 

Have you checked that no other admin in your organization has disabled the ability to create new Microsoft 365 Groups in this way "Manage who can create Microsoft 365 Groups" and that you may not have been added to the group of people who are allowed of doing so?

Hi @Magnus Goksøyr,

Yes, I tried these steps myself and added myself to the security group that can make teams and the create-team feature was restored a few moments later. Thank you for your response.


What I don't understand is, if I was unable to create new teams because I was outside a security group, why was I able to do so from my admin center? I was still outside a security group for creating teams and I managed to create new teams from admin center but not from the application. How come?

I do not know why but it's just so "by design" :)