Can't connect to Teams live event

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I need your assitance to find out why we still unable to connect to MS Teams live event even ALL URLs related to the product are allowed on the proxy. 

To explane to you more, we do have professionel account and licence for MS Teams App. but sometimes some users on our organisations needs to connect to Teams Live. we have tried the access by browser and teams App. but both of them are not working. the trafic go through web proxy, in which we have disable the https scan for test, but in vain. after that the user connect to the URL: the website ask user to enter a valid username, then it ask user to wait until the admin accept to let him in to the event meeting, but after a while it blocks with a message error "il semble que votre configuration réseau nous empeche d'établir votre appel...."

from packet capture it seems like the end user pc try Sometimes to connect directly to teams servers. My question is , is there a solution for that issue whitout allowing direct trafic from user's pc ? 


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@khad_lel Who is organising these live events ? If they are a different organisation and limit the event to just be for that organisation your accounts would not grant access.

Hi @Steven Collier Thank you for your reply, yes the event was organized by another organization. but I have tried to access by an invited account (not connected by my professionel account). but it blocks access after asking me to wait for the event admin confirmation. but it was working when I tried access from my phone (outside network). that's why I am wondering if it's necessary to authorized direct access from my pc to the teams server (bypass proxy) ? If it's true is there any workaround to make it work without bypassing web proxy ?

@khad_lel I very much doubt it's related to a proxy, by all means check your proxies logs as it would show if it had blocked anything.


It sounds like they have configured the live event to only allow people in their organisation to attend, this is a choice at the point at which you create the event.


If you were to be a presenter in the live event things are a little different, they are best to enable a toggle in the meeting request to allow anonymous presenters.