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Hi. I made a new channel within my organization's Teams and deleted it because I needed to make it a public channel rather than private. I tried to create it a second time as a public channel, but I got an error. The error seems to specifically be with the name, because I was able to create a public "Test" channel and replicated the error when I deleted that channel and tried to make it again or change the name of "Test1" to just "Test." I can change it to other things, but not the two names I've used and deleted.


I've searched SharePoint's recycle bin and cleared out app data from Teams but am still having the issue. It says "We ran into a problem editing your channel." Please let me know if I can fix this somehow.

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Hi @cdimo19,

you may need to wait after 30 days is over before you can use the same name again.

You may check out this discussion on the same issue:
Teams Channel name already taken - Error - Microsoft Q&A

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