Can't add users from my organization to a Teams that I own

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Hi All,

I am trying to add members from my organization (they are not even guest user) and I am getting the following error:

We ran into an issue. Please try again later


I have been trying for two days. I have tried using Teams Web (Even Incognito), Desktop and Mobile





Please help


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Try adding the user as member of the corresponding M365 Group in OWA. If that doesn't work either, best open a support case (or ask your IT folks to do so). Well, I suppose you can also ask them to add the member on your behalf :)

Hi there @Vasil Michev 


The reason why I don't resort to IT is because I constantly have to be adding new users.


FYI - I also just tried by sending the invitation as a link and when I have to accept or reject the request nothing happens.