Can't add guests to a private channel

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When I try adding external email addresses to the overall team channel, it comes up with the message saying "One member already exists in this team.", suggesting that this email address has already been added to the team. But when I search for that email address in the "Manage Team" page, they don't show up. 


When I try to add the email address to a private channel within than team, it says "we didn't find any matches."


I have tried this on the desktop app and mobile app.


Could it be something to do with the external user's settings? Maybe they have to accept the invite before they show up in the team? 

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Hi @JemmaCardy, when you search for the guest you typically won't be able to find them using the same email address, try searching for them by just their name.  The guest process tends to change their email address so


email address removed for privacy reasons



Hi Steven, thanks for your message!

I have tried searching by their name, the format you suggested & by the domain but still no luck :(

Do you have any other ideas please?

Hi @Steven Collier . I have the same error for people that have never been added before. This happens for most of the guests I try to add. How can I resolve this? Any help appreciated, thank you.