Can't add apps to channel meetings

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I can't seem to find the option to add apps to a channel meeting. When scheduling a meeting and adding participants by email-addresses I find the option. However when I schedule a meeting by adding a channel the option (+-sign next to scheduling meeting) is simply not there. 


I tried checking the options in the admin panel but everything seems to be in order there. Something in the fact that the channel is beeing added seems to block the option to add apps...

Does anyone have any ideas on why this is?

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@EdvinCedervall Hi, I can confirm the behavior but not sure here. When you're creating a personal meeting it's in your own mailbox and when you're selecting a channel for scheduling it belongs to the team and the group calendar (mailbox), but you still "own" the meeting. So if I must guess that is the difference and why this is happening.


Still, if the option is selected under the team settings team members can add a tab in a channel, but you cannot add it in a channel meeting apparently. Perhaps it has something to do with guests, as they are not allowed to add apps (tabs, bots, connectors) and that guests can be added later on etc.


Let's ask @Vesa Nopanen :)

Hi! Thank you tagging me. Applications are not available in channel meetings. At least not yet. This isn't about guests or anything. You can add polls to the channel and access those via the chat but it is not the same as adding a application to a meeting.

@ChristianBergstrom Hi Christian!
Thank you for replying! :)

I think your guess might be correct - the difference is basically that the invitation comes from the teams mailbox, not my own. 

I tried in several different Teams, some where all participants are owners and some where I'm the owner and the participants are members. Same result unfortunately.

I work at a high school so this mainly concerns scheduled "classes" in different Teams where the common denominator is that there is a teacher (owner of the Team) and students (participants). We are scheduling the classes through the calendar feature in Teams and connect them to the different Teams using the channels. We have no issues adding apps to the Teams but the feature to add the apps to the channel meetings is missing. 

Thank you for this clarification!
"Applications are not available in channel meetings. At least not yet." All I needed to hear! Thanks for your quick reply :)

Do you know if this is on the current roadmap, it's amazing functionality in the current Individual meetings and would be great to have it in Channel meetings (and meetNow) where individuals being OOO, moving on etc doesn't impact core ceremonies etc running on regular cadence.

Hi, can't see anything in the roadmap. But you can use apps in channel meetings, just not in the same context as in a standard meeting. It's a combination of your app setup policy and a workaround by adding the app directly in the channel (where the meeting take place). As an example, add Forms in the channel posts. Not the optimal functionality but at least something.

Is there any news on this topic? - in public preview we can add apps like forms etc. to the channel meetings but there is no announcement in the public Preview forums, nor on the roadmap
Further to @MatthiasRodler's comment above, is there any update on this yet?

For visibility, this feature is on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap (item 81122) and started to rollout in March 2023.



It is still not showing up in my meetings... And it says Teams desktop was updated on the 17th of March 23, and doesn't need updating. Does anyone know why this is happening?
It’s really just a case of waiting. Roll out can take a while (weeks) to reach everyone.