Can not assign phone number to licensed user

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added a couple of new phone numbers and Microsoft 365 E5 licenses to my tenant this morning.

Several hours later I tried to assign these phone numbers to licensed users but there is only the choice between 'conference bridge' and 'resource account'.



Any help appreciated.






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Hi @TeeBee ,


To assign to  a user the type of number needs to be a User number as below :- 



@Andrew Hodges 


Hi Andrew,


it seems that available number types depend on country/region.

For UK all number types are available. Germany seems to be limited to 'call queue', 'auto attendant' and 'dedicated conference bridge'.



Does that mean there is no O365 phone system available for german users?


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Hi @TeeBee ,


Looks like you need to fill a form in and submit it manually - 


Hope that helps

Hi Thomas, have you considered direct routing?

Hi @Andrew Hodges,


just submitted a phone number request.

Apparently getting phone numbers in Germany is not as simple as a few mouse clicks.

Thank you very much.



Hi @Andrew Hodges,


it took just one day  to get user phone numbers after submitting the request form from


New phone numbers are now listed with number type "Users". But when editing one of the numbers to assign it to a user there are no search results. This happens even with full mail addresses of licensed users.




Any hint?





Users won't show if you haven't assigned a license to them. Check below. If that's not it check the old legacy portal as I had issues with the Teams Admin centre when doing this in our tenant.  If that still doesnt work then raise a ticket with Microsoft to help you out. 



Hi @Andrew Hodges,


problem solved by:

  1. being patient and waiting a few hours after license assignment
  2. using "legacy portal / voice / voice users" for number assignment

It does not work in Teams admin center and it does also not work in legacy portal under "voice/phone numbers". That's all :)


Thanks a lot (y)




Please share detailed steps off how you did it.Struggling to assign as well@TeeBee 

Thanks @TeeBee @Andrew Hodges You rock .Your steps worked like a charm

Could you please share detailed steps how you did it. Struggling to assign as well@TeeBee 


I am still having issues assigning users to Phone numbers - users don't appear when editing the phone number





same issue here... got one assigned 


anyone a idea? 

maybe found a solution, try use the display name

Facing the same issue and open a support ticket too and not solve yet (Less than 30min). My assumption and article says this is due to replication in Teams and M365 microservices in the M365 fabric.

Cannot assign phone number to licensed user - Microsoft Teams Calling (

Had the same issue here and it had to do with the number location versus the licensing. We have both CA and US users and the user was listed as a CA user by accident and the number was a US based number. Swapping the location in Azure and relogging in populated the user. 

When assigning a phone number to a user, make sure the phone number and the usage location of the user are of the same country.

To assign a number by using the Teams admin center:

[!INCLUDE assign-phone-numbers-to-users-steps]

To assign numbers by using PowerShell, use the Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment cmdlet as follows:

For Calling Plan numbers:

Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity <user> -PhoneNumber <phone number> -PhoneNumberType CallingPlan
For Operator Connect numbers:

Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity <user> -PhoneNumber <phone number> -PhoneNumberType OperatorConnect
For Teams Phone Mobile numbers:

Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity <user> -PhoneNumber <phone number> -PhoneNumberType OCMobile
For example:

Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity email address removed for privacy reasons -PhoneNumber "+14255550101" -PhoneNumberType CallingPlan
Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity email address removed for privacy reasons -PhoneNumber "+14255550102" -PhoneNumberType OperatorConnect
Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity email address removed for privacy reasons -PhoneNumber "+14255550103" -PhoneNumberType OCMobile

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Hi @TeeBee ,


Looks like you need to fill a form in and submit it manually - 


Hope that helps

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