Can no longer download original email from teams

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When an email that is "too long" is displayed in Teams, it typically has the option to download the original email:



Today, this is no longer available for new emails. The icon has also changed:




New Icon:




Has anyone else noticed this? I can still access the full email from the Files tab, but I would prefer to see a preview and download it from there.

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@DThompson2021 Having a similar issue.  Are you also missing the Subject line in the post?

@SML13 Yes, the subject line is also missing. The weird part is that we have emails set up to go to several different channels, but this is only happening in one of the channels (so far).

Thanks. Interesting. If I send to the Channel from my email associated to Teams (corporate domain) it works as it always has, but if I send from any external domain I get the new behavior. This particular Channel in our case has always received email from the same external domain, but changed on Mar 10 between 8:30 and 10:30am. Hopefully we get an answer.

@DThompson2021 FYI - never had a chance to chase this any further, but seems it started working again this afternoon for us.  No idea of cause or resolution.