Can no longer add People to a chat and include chat history in Microsoft Teams?

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Used to be able to add additional people to a chat and get option to show chat history with add person icon at top of screen.  Now, when press button you only get the option to start a brand new group chat and never given option to include chat history.. this was a VERY useful feature that seems to have been removed?

Not sure if this on purpose or is this a bug?

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I tested on one of my tenants and the option is still there, is this happening to you on every group chat you have or a specific one?
Tried on iOS app and it does say “Create new chat group” as the desktop (Mac) app shows, but here it doesn’t even ask if you want to show history.. just shows it.. also not good, but in the other direction :smirking_face:
Oh, I do not have Mac or iOS to try, what about web version? do you experience the same?