Can I use my built in webcam in Screen Share?

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Hi!  New online teacher here!  Teams will not allow me to make my face the whole screen for my kids (only grid) and I need them to see me on the whole screen.  Is there a way to use my built in webcam to project from Screen Share? I could not get it to find my camera.



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Hi @WendyClendening

You can use built in webcams for Teams. Teams should pick this up in the device settings which you can set before or during the meeting

In terms of the grid view, this is default in the desktop client. If you were using the web client however ( then this shows the speaker on the whole screen. How to do this in the desktop client is either

1.) Having users pin you to the screen by clicking (...) on you in the grid - you can see this by hovering in the bottom right hand corner of your camera in the meeting. This blog I wrote a while back should give you an idea

2.) Wait for the spotlight feature to come in which is planned. We think it's coming in sometime during September/October

This will allow you to lock a single video stream in a meeting

Obviously the spotlight is centrally controlled which would make it more useful as opposed to relying on children to pin you to the grid

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Thanks so much!!!! That really helped! @Christopher Hoard