Can I send an email to a Teams chat Member (i..e. not a group or channel)

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My company has a system that can send -critical- automated messages via email, we want to use this feature to send these messages to our employees Teams app on their phone and show up in their Teams Chat. Is this possible?

**I've seen several posts on how to get a Channel email address, and you can email that channel, but not a specific Teams user. Also, maybe I can create a Channel for each user, but I believe the Chat notifications are better, and these messages are critical and we want a clear notification.



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@Tim_Rios You could look at Power Automate instead.

For example, you could have a flow that is triggered when an email is received.


If you can get your system to email a central email address and CC the employee, you could use that central email address to trigger your flow. Power Automate could then use the contents of the email and send it as a chat message to the employee.


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