can I reference another channel?

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Much like in slack where you can type `#other_channel` and then clicking on that would take you there, I'd like to similarly be able to reference other channels in messages.


Why - because I can tell people where to post things or where to look for things more easily.



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Only within the same Team, you can mention it by @channelname. To cross-mention between Teams, you can copy/paste some content and clean up the text.

@joeybaruchamdig Here's a Microsoft doc that details how you can cross-post within channels: Cross-post a channel conversation in Teams (


It's also detailed in these resources (plus other productivity hacks for MS Teams): 

Ask Dux: Productivity Hacks for Microsoft Teams

- Top 40 Microsoft Teams Productivity Hacks

looks like this only works when create new post, right? I mean

if you create post from TeamA-ChannelA, @TeamB-ChannelB, Then B-B can see the post
but the reply A-A-reply will not dispaly in B-B, can't @B-B, vice versa