Can I disable the passcode function when setting up a meeting in Teams?

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Can I disable the passcode function when setting up a meeting in Teams?

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To my knowledge, there is not a control to disable that function. Might I ask we you want to disable it?

@Juan Carlos González Martín why are we seeing the passcode for Teams meeting? Can we turn it off?

Our company have some visually impaired where having to add extra codes when joining a meeting makes it a bit harder to join a meeting, the ability to disable/enable this function on a group level would be greate or atleast be able to disable this org wide until you have implemented a more detailed funtionality for enable/disable this function  @Juan Carlos González Martín 


Yes, we are bringing it up in our meeting now.  We have many constituents that have disabilities and this might make them want to turn to Zoom which is more accessible.  Is there anyway to disable this as an admin?

set up a difficult passcode is really a lack wisdom design, the generally the meeting code is difficult to remember, additional difficult code make people tired, MS develop team is still learn something from others, but ....
if the pin leak, the passcode is leak same time, so the passcode is useless...

@Juan Carlos González Martín I am trying to run an online class that meets three times a week. Students need the passcode to access assignments and files. As far as I can tell, they have to enter a passcode for each meeting, even though I scheduled all three meetings at one time in the calendar. It is very inconvenient for them and me to have to enter a passcode for each and every meeting. Microsoft should implement a way to turn the passcode off!