Can I add an outside person to a team?

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I think I saw where this functionality is planned and I believe we can do this with Microsoft Planner, but can it be done in Teams yet?



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Yes, you can add guests to Teams. They will need to have either a hotmail or an outlook email address. This video goes through the steps:



View this short video to get step by step guidance on adding Guests in Microsoft Teams. Supporting Links: Contributor: Nishanth Nadarajah

Thanks for letting me know.  The person I am trying to add is using an email from his outside company and it is not an Outlook or Hotmail account.  I will let him know.

You do not have to have a hotmail or outlook address. You just need any office 365 account, or a Microsoft account tied to another e-mail address. You type in their e-mail address when adding members, and you'll get a "Add user as a guest" box underneath. If you are not getting this box, then guest access is not enabled in your admin center license type / new admin center settings.