Can anyone see my login after this message ?

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Hello everyone.

my friend sent me a link for a folder, but I didn't see this message "This link will work for anyone in Company name Corp."

then I tried to log in with my work mail and this mail belongs to another company but
I didn't mean it; it was by mistake so when I tried to log in this message appeared.
(Your login was successful but does not meet the criteria to access this resource. For example, you might be signing in from a browser, app, or location that is restricted by your admin.)
then I logout and forgot.

my question is (is there any notification could be sent to this company
and tell them that my email tried to login, I mean will anyone knows that I tried to login with another mail doesn't belong to their company? or they will not.

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could anyone help me ?
The company will not receive any auto-notification that you attempted to log in with an account outside of their domain. If they run SharePoint Online sharing reports, they will be able to see which files were shared and with whom, but not unsuccessful logins from external folks.
thank you very much Kelly