Camera works in teams; no camera feed for participants

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This is a weird issue but the camera works on a computer, and it can be verified in the settings of Teams. But when there is a video conference, other participants cannot see the video feed. It instead comes out as the grey camera with the slash (


Would this be a Teams client issue or a Microsoft issue?


I just found out that it might be a client issue because it causes an issue in Zoom as well.


How would I fix it besides a restart and/or a reinstall?

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@npddt when you are in a call and start video does it also show the camera with a slash for you in the preview pane?  Something to check while you are in the meeting is what the active camera is.  If you have multiple camera sources you may want to switch between them to ensure you are sending the correct camera feed out to the call/meeting:


This accomplishes the same settings that you said you were looking at in Teams settings - however doing it in the meeting will ensure that the camera source didn't get change on join or something to cause a broken feed.



@Josh LeporatiI have this same issue.  Did you find a resolution?

@Josh Leporati   I am having the same/similar issue.  My camera is viewable in settings.  It is the only camera on my Dell-XPS13, it works with WebEx and other applications, and Teams sees it in settings, but not during the meeting.  It used to work until the most recent Win-10 update@


Did anyone find a solution?  I have similar, if not exact same issue.  Camera is available in settings and then preview, but is not available for an actual meeting.  Thanks. @Paul-1700 


I have the same problem on one laptop, not on another.

Both laptop formated yesterday and have same software installed, last windows update installed.

Acer laptop -> don't work

HP Laptop -> no problem


I use Axis Streaming Assistant with secure boot disabled. When I use internal webcam it work on both.


On zoom/webex no problems......

I got ours to work but not exactly sure which step resolved the issue.  I totally reset our Lenovo Smarthub to factory defaults.  Used a combination of these resources: 


Hub 500: "signing in" loop 

Had the same problem with devices that were shipped for us. Demo units worked fine with same account/network so it was a bit baffling. 

We updated Skype Room System software from Windows Store, that fixed the problem. Here is the SRS version overview, ours was on To do this update: 

  1. Log into device with admin account, open Edge 
  2. Open 
  3. Click Get, Windows Store should open 
  4. If you click Install, you will be asked for Microsoft account. Instead click 3 dots (upper right corner) > Downloads and Updates 
  5. Click update For Skype Room system. It takes some time (update is 600MB), but eventually entry for update should disappear 
  6. Restart device, you will now see new splash screen with Teams logo. First boot seems to fail, software should restart itself (you will see bunch of windows opening/closing) 
  7. After a while you should be logged in with full Teams experience. 
  8. If calendar access does not work, in device settings enable modern authentication 



Teams Room App in Microsoft Store 



Hi @npddt , If you have Skype for Business implemented with QoS you need to make sure Teams is covered for QoS as well.

Edit: Havent seen this issue occur for a while, so I am assuming that one of the updates that Teams did may have fixed this issue.
I'm having this issue too. Surface Pro 8, Surface Go 2: Exact same behavior for both.
Internal Surface cameras (front/rear) work fine in Teams, detected, shared with participants without issue. So far so good.

I have an external USB camera that Teams detects, shows in the list of cameras and brings up a video preview from - no issues. So far so good.

Now I join a meeting, with Video enabled - my external camera is selected and Teams shows me my video preview. To me, it looks like I have my video turned on and streaming, the preview for me is live. On the meeting however, nobody sees my video - just my static avatar. ?? I'm at a loss. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. (the external camera works with Zoom, and Windows Camera app works fine.

@bristolviewsame problem with any hdmi usb camera stick with my surface go 3 with win11

. I can see the usb camera feed in preview but when im joining a meeting no one can see my camera feed.

any solutions yet?