Camera showing Black Screen only when using Teams app, works with Web version

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Hi guys,

A client is using Windows 10 x64 running v1909 on a MacBook Pro 13" (2019, 4 Thunderbolt Ports) and oddly enough the Teams app now shows the Camera as a Black Image as the Preview. It's listed in Device Manager as FaceTime HD Camera. Zoom and Web Teams works completely fine. Even opening the MS Store Camera App loads the Camera fine. It's just isolated to the Teams App, I'll list what I've tried already below, really hoping you can help in any way.


-Re-installed Teams x64

-Attempted to install Teams x86 - No change

-Removed Camera Driver and re-installed via Bootcamp drivers

-Re-installed ALL Bootcamp drivers from the latest available updated

-Cleared Teams cache folder

-Office Quick Repair/Full Repair


The problem still exists but only with the Windows app version of Teams.


If you have any ideas or thoughts please let me know.

Thank you,



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@aizlam I'v had the same issue on my MacBook Pro 14" 2022, macOS Monterey Version 12.4.

I'm using MS Teams in my Google Chrome Browser. Since a couple of Days whenever I join a Meeting my Webcam was shown as a black window, but when I called a colleague I could use my Webcam.


Nethertheless, I've tried out things like reinstalling, restarting, closing trough the task manager of Mac, but nothing worked. So I decided to delete chache, cookies also didn't helped. So next thing I've tried was to logoff from my Office Account in teams and then delete the "Google" Folder from "Library", somehow this worked for me today.