Camera not recognized in Teams but in other apps does

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in desktop Teams app, Settings>Devices in droplist of webcams, I can not see my external camera only internal one. When I try it in other app (Zoom) or browser version of Teams, camera works fine. After workaround below, camera is visible in desktop Teams app for some time.


1. Quits Teams by Right Click Teams Icon and Click Quit
2. Press Window Key and search Camera Privacy Settings and disable the Camera fully by change camera access for this device is to "OFF"
3. Start Teams 
4. Go to teams setting -->  Device --> Camera. Check If camera detected under drop down menu and preview is started appearing 
- (This is starting point that camera is detected but picture is not appearing)
5. Keep Teams on but close the settings
6. Go back to Camera Privacy Settings and change the camera access for this device is to "ON"
7. Go to teams setting -->  Device --> Camera. Check again the Camera and Video will start appearing.
Camera: Niceboy Stream Pro
Win system: updated to the last version
Teams app: updated to the last version
Thank you
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Omg this is my EXACT issue, did you find the fix to the issue? I have been trying to fix it for a week now and microsoft support hasnt given me an answer.
Does this one is from Logitech? Or?



Hi DaviDanko


Did you ever get anywhere with this? I have the same issue with a Jabra PanaCast, but only on MS Surface devices... Your workaround works but is a bit cumbersome in the long run.



Hi - did as shared - yes video seen before joining the meeting, but once meeting is on, video disappear even though camera (both external and notebook) detected. A week before all was fine. Any advice?

it was the Camera's Firmware@elexd2630 

Thank you for this workaround. It worked for me. In my case it was integrated camera in Lenovo ThinkPad. But other Windows applications detected the camera without any problems.

Have you found a permanent fix for this problem?