Camera Issue - specific to Teams

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Hi folks,


I have been using Teams at home now for several weeks with no problems. In the last few days I have a problem with my video:

  • Colleagues cannot see my video, just my avatar
  • Webcam is on and working
  • I can see my own video (minimised)
  • I can see and hear everybody else
  • they can hear me

Teams obviously has access to my Camera as it can turn it on, and display my video to me. I've double checked all the settings anyway. I have checked Privacy settings and Firewall and Antivirus and the problem doesn't seem to be there - everything works fine on Zoom.


Any suggestions?

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We have reports about this behavior as well, and would like to know if there is something we can do.

@AshleyWilson  HI is the issue the same if yo  use the web version of Teams Application?




We have the same issues currently within the business during video calls.

The current workaround we have found is if you open the chat within the video / group call as if you were to send an IM to one of the attendee's, close the chat and the video starts working and appears within a few seconds.

I presume a bug within MS Teams currently which might require a patch

@MAJIDAM  I'll chech that out

@MAJIDAM  Camera is working fine on the Web Version

@davidwsmith Thanks - tried that but it doesn't work for me.

Well that is probably a good workaround and you have probably done this already but have you uninstalled and reinstalled Teams application? If not I'd try that as well and retest.

Kind regards

@AshleyWilson We started seeing this behavior with a subset of our users at the beginning of this week. We found that if either user clicks the screen share button, the video starts working again.


It had been working fine for these users prior to this. Looks like it may be a bug in the latest release, but I haven't seen anything from Microsoft on it.