Calls to internal, non-Teams users not going through

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We transitioned to Teams and Teams Phone a few months ago and all has been going well. Recently, something changed and calls from our Teams Phone users will not go through to internal users with only cell phones (non-Teams Phone users) when dialing from the Teams app and selecting the employee in the directory.


Example: User 1 is a licensed Teams Phone user. He wants to place a call to User 2 who is not a Teams Phone user but has his cell phone listed in AD. User 1 starts typing User 2’s name in the dialer, he clicks on the name and tries to call. When the call window opens, it very briefly displays “Forwarding to voicemail” then a message saying, “The person you're trying to reach isn't available. Try again later.”

Again, note that User 2 is not a Teams Phone user, does not have Teams voicemail. He does have a Teams license but he doesn’t use the software and the app is not installed on the cell phone.


Calling User 2 by manually entering the phone number works perfectly fine.


We have on-prem AD synced to Azure via Azure AD Connect. No errors there.


This all used to work perfectly fine. We did have a hiccup recently where everyone’s voicemail got turned off so an assistant ran a command to re-enable it for everyone. He then went in and manually turned it off in the Teams dashboard for the non-Teams Phone users. Unfortunately, he did not document what he ran.  Grrr! It does seem like there is a flag associated with voicemail set somewhere but I can’t find anything out of place.


I submitted a ticket to MS two weeks ago but they haven’t been much help.


Any assistance from here would be greatly appreciated.



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Please run << Set- CASMailbox -Identity "email address removed for privacy reasons" >> for User 2 and share the outcome.

@GauravGuptaG thank you for the assistance.


Running "Set-CASMailbox -Identity email address removed for privacy reasons" does not return anything at the prompt. User still has the issue.


Running "get-CASMailbox -Identity email address removed for privacy reasons" shows ActiveSyncEnabled, OWAEnabled, PopEnabled, ImapEnabled, MapiEnabled" all set to true.