Calls interrupting Teams audio calls

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I have teams app installed on my phone (android). If I get a call on my phone (through my wireless carrier), it will interrupt a call that I am on through the Teams App. Is there any ways to make it so calls through my wireless carrier go to voice mail or I have an option to answer them without interrupting my teams call?

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Hi @Tecza, did you try (on Android phones) to ignore another incoming phone call by pressing the "lock button" on your phone?


@Erik Kleefeldtso I can ignore the call. The issue is that when the call comes in on my cell, it automatically places my Teams call on hold, which confuses the person on the other line. Ideally, it would function like call waiting does on a normal phone. I hope this makes sense.


Hi @Tecza, it seems that it is unfortunately the default behavior at the moment.


There are others who also request changing this behavior: change


You might vote to give the request more weight.