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We are currently evaluating Call Queues in Teams as a potential solution for a small team.  One thing we noticed in testing them out is there does not appear to be a way to alert agents (users) that there are calls waiting in queue.  Does anyone know of a way currently to alert agents that there are calls waiting in queue?

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@Stephen Stark If the agent it available and it is their turn to answer the call they should get an toast (small window in the bottom right corner of your primary screen) with the call. If they don't answer the next available agent will get the call. 

@Linus Cansby Thanks for the reply.  I may not have phrased it well, but my question was more about what happens if a call goes into a queue and no agents are available...either because they are on another call, or they are offline.  In our tests, the caller hears on hold music, but the agents do not know there are any additional calls waiting in queue.  We were hoping that Teams would fire a toast indicating that calls were waiting the queue.  However, there does not currently appear to be an option for such notifications.

@Stephen Stark I have seen some organizations use is Call Queues with presence based routing turned off along with attendant routing. This way, calls from queue will always pop-up as a toast while the agent is on another call. The downside to this is, calls will ring the agent in all presence states except for DND.