Calls cannot be completed

When I try to call anyone on microsoft teams, it says “we couldn’t complete the call”. This all of a sudden happened. I cannot call anymore and no one is able to call me. They get the same message. How do I go about fixing this ?
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Yes, I also got same thing happening. My friends were able to join but I couldn't. We ultimately decided on Google Meet but I think it's a temporary problem since I only get to see it happening now.
I am also facing the same problem in past few days. If anyone knows the solution please help me.

@Kumud_Ghimire  I have two users so far reporting this issue starting on Friday. I wonder if there have been any changes made by Microsoft that could have caused this.


Something similar happened in June when they were trying to implement new meeting settings- caused problems for so many users they had to undo the changes.

Facing the same problem since yesterday. This is hampering a lot.



i am having the same issue on my tablet.  the calls work on my phone and my pc, but not on my tablet.  i ahve uninstalled, reinstalled, clearded the cache, cleared data, same result.  calls can not be completed and I can not join teams calls.  

@Byrnesmp Try installing a previous version of Teams app. It worked for me.


Even I. Facing the same problem on a Tablet, but it is getting connected by phone or laptop
Hi, were you able to fix this problem?

I am facing something similar. I can connect to calls through phone and laptop but not tablet.

Please help!
You must update to a new version of microsoft teams. After i updated, i can join the group.:>
I have had the same thing happen on my iPad 7th gen I reset teams , rebooted, logged out and back in, updated, and un-installed and re-installed the app and it has not been fixed.