Calls Blocking & Calls Forwarding in DRaaS and Operator Connect

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Hi all,


We can block and forward the incoming calls from MS Teams endpoints. 

Can we set these up in the back end instead of end user's side? 


I believe call blocking and forwarding can be done at service provider (DRaaS)'s level. 

Not sure about Operator Connect. 


Any thoughts or information is appreciated. 





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Hi @EZethan,

You're right about call blocking and forwarding in Microsoft Teams. Administrators can use PowerShell to manage call blocking by creating a list of number patterns and exceptions at the global level. This helps reject incoming PSTN calls if there's a match. Individual users can't control this list. For call forwarding, users can set up rules in their Teams settings, but admins can handle more advanced routing in the Teams admin center.

Block inbound calls in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn
Call forwarding, call groups, and simultaneous ring in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Support

Regarding Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), providers can manage call blocking and forwarding as part of their services. The details may vary depending on the provider.

Operator Connect is another option for PSTN connectivity in Teams. If your operator is part of the Microsoft Operator Connect Program, they can handle PSTN calling for Teams.
Plan for Operator Connect - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn
Configure Operator Connect - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

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Leon Pavesic

Thanks for your reply, Leon.

I understand DRaaS provider can block/forward the calls on their end.
I am not sure about Operator Connector provider can do it or not.
I guess I am not sure how OC provider integrate with Microsoft Teams in terms of Telco circuit and phone numbers.

Please kindly advise.

Best regards,