Calling verified number but doesn't connect just drops call with no error

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We have one number that we need to call to talk to a client and when we call it back it never connects. They can call the auto attendants and direct lines with no issue and we can call with a cell phone to that number. Anytime we try to do it through teams the call comes up saying connecting with the teams call sound for about 5 - 10 second and then just drops. The log states it was a completed call going out.

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I had a similar issue when doing pbx conversion and I accidently had my call queue forwarding to itself or assigned the same number or something along those lines and it had the same issue. I'd triple check the number itself isn't tied to another auto attendant that might have it auto routing as a step or something to the same number etc.
Thanks for the input. This number was the clients number not one we use. We talked to there phone provide and it turns out they have there spam filter turned up to high and we were just getting filtered on their end.