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We've rolled out teams with pretty good success I'm doing some proof of concept work with a SIP phone now that this is supposed to be supported.  I managed to get a Polycom VVX 411 to connect to my O365 account.  I can make PSTN calls and I can receive calls from other user's teams accounts (ie. the phone rings when they use the call feature in teams chat).  However, I can't call to their teams desktop app from the phone.  It just gives a fast beep and then quits.  Has anyone gotten this to work?  Calling from my teams app to theirs works fine.  


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A bit more diagnostic work shows that if I call a user that has Skype for Business running from my SIP phone, then the call rings there.  So, in summary:


Call from teams -> rings teams and SIP phone if present

Call from SIP phone -> rings SfB if user has it - gives fast tone if user doesn't have SfB

Call number from PSTN phone -> rings teams and SIP phone if present


Since we don't use SfB, can I route incoming SIP calls to ring in teams?


Usually the coexistence setting effects this. What is yours set too for yourself? Should be set teams only.
Thanks for the help.

I am currently set to Islands. The only options that I have are "Islands" or "Skype for Business only". I must be missing setting something somewhere. Any ideas?
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Yup, wrote a blog about it here:

You can set just for yourself to give it a whirl and see if it fixes your issue.

Thanks for the assist.  I've managed to use power shell to switch over to Teams Only though it is a bit concerning that the web portal now just shows a blank field for this setting.


Anyway, it does not appear to have resolved the issue as calls from my SIP phone do not get routed to teams.  Maybe this just isn't a supported scenario.  Unfortunate as this worked will with SfB.

It's possible I guess that your tenant still doesn't have the full updates on the back end cause it should show the Teams only for your user.

You might end up having to use the deprecated command to route your calls since this is how you did it before the coexistence settings came out which might help in this case if you want to try, here is link to that section.


So basically you would run the following to use the old method of setting callilng policy:

Grant-CsTeamsInteropPolicy -PolicyName DisallowOverrideCallingTeamsChatTeams -Identity yourSipAddress

I didn't follow the last suggestion but after leaving things for a while it now appears that they are working as expected.  Thanks for all of the help.

Not sure if this will be relevant at this stage but we have built a Microsoft-certified Cloud Connector that delivers voice services for Teams calling directly to the O365 Tenant.  Our geo-redundant solution also completes the missing PBX and legacy feature-set, provides full integration capabilities to Call/Contact Centers and CRMs and handles number porting, as we are a Tier1 Cloud UC carrier.



I'm having the same issues I cannot get the VVX 411's to call Teams app on users Mac's and the presence info show Sfb not Teams statuses. 


I am 100% set to Teams Only in my tenant.


May I ask since you managed to get yours working what software version are you running on your vvx 411? @Glenn Chubak 

Far as I know until you get an actual firmware which I don’t know if polycom will update those to Teams it will always use the Skype gateway for calling which includes presence.

According to MS & Polycom all features of Skype will come across to Teams on these very phones the VVX411. They did say they were not releasing Teams firmware but actual new phones to match and any devices bought after October 2018 will be eligible for free upgrade but it clearly says in the articles that calling Teams, only Teams will work (which it does) AND presence if migrated to full Teams but this isn't working for me..  @Chris Webb 

I'm currently running


Mostly things are working well but I have an issue where the phone works for outgoing calls but won't receive incoming calls for a small subset of users.  I find that there is pretty limited documentation and examples available online.  A bit disappointing for a highly integrated O365 solution.


O365 Presence is working well for all users.

Good to know about the presence, I don't think I've used one of those phones since the change in presence awhile back where they went away from the unified presence model.

Thank you. 


I updated to but discovered the phones kept downgrading automatically to 5.4, after research it seems Sfb auto updates devices with the latest verified firmware which in this case was 5.4 I had to follow these great instructions:


Once the command was set, rebooted phone then upgraded again this time it stuck and my presence is now working fine. One thing I will mention whilst I had set tenant to Teams only via the admin portal I went ahead and ran the powershell commands as well not sure if that helped or not but now the phones with calling and everything working great with tenant set to Teams Only @Glenn Chubak 

I spoke to soon, I can dial Teams App users from the Polycom OK and presence is working fine.


But, my auto attendant (created while tenant was in Islands via legacy skype portal) is no longer working correctly after switching to Teams only. It rings, the greeting works and the polycoms that are the call agents ring OK but I simply cannot pick up, it keeps dropping out the ringing in a strange loop until I terminate the incoming call... 


It works in Islands mode. Do you by any chance have auto attendant working teams only? @Glenn Chubak 

@Glenn Chubak , I've been fighting for a few days now and was curious how you managed to get the Polycom VVX411 connected to Office 365?  I'm having troubles finding the SIP Servers for this and could use some assistance.


Much appreciated.

@Col5and3rsThese don't use SIP servers when used with O365.  First, you should update the phones to a supported firmware.  The list can be found here:


Then the phones should be placed into Skype for Business mode rather than SIP mode.  At this point, you go to Settings->Features->Skype for Business and do a sign in.  It will direct you to a website and then give you a code to enter.  That's it.  The phone should work.  If you want to have a real world phone number, you will have to license the user and setup the phone number but the phone will still work for teams calls without this.

@buglugSorry for the very delayed response.  I do not have an auto-attendant working.  In fact, I'm working on one now but the resource won't allow me to assign a phone number.  

@Glenn Chubak 

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Can I set up a trunk from ms-teams with Issabel and manage calls by ms-teams?



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