calling issues following region change

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Hi All. 


A customer has been advised by MS support that they needed to change the region of their tenant for data residency. There was no consideration on how this may affect omnichannel in dynamics as a result they are now having issue with calls coming in.  following a conversation with support they have been advised to purchase Solgari... this was not a welcome suggestion..  Before i start pulling things appart for this customer can someone advise how changing the region would effect dynamics in this way or if there is anything else within Direct routing config that may be worth investigation.  Apologies for the lack of detail but i have a meeting to discuss this later this week so should have more info then.

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Simply put, regions and countries have different laws and some features don't exist in specific areas. 

This customer is in a northern European region. as far as I aware all features should be available but will definitely look into this. Thank You
I suspect this is an issue with Dynamics 365 and how it is set up to deliver calls to the users. Not knowing Dynamics can anyone advise how calls are configured to route to Teams users and If they are configured with Direct Routing, are there any requirements for them to receive calls. ( exchange contact card info etc )... I may be thinking to high level.