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We just turned on conference calling..  if all users are using a phone i cant get past the lobby. It just says your in the lobby and the org will admit you.. the org (me) never gets an option to add anyone.  I've turned the option on where first caller will be added to the call..  If i use the teams app i see the caller in lobby and can add them.. I am trying to do an audio only call.. 

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@jestexman Hi, you can use Teams meeting policies or a per-meeting setting with the meeting options.


Allow dial-in users to bypass the lobby

Manage meeting policies - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Change participant settings for a Teams meeting - Office Support (

@ChristianBergstrom  ok thanks i think i fixed it.. now to test.. so it would seem that turning that on per user did not override the global settings that i just changed. 

@jestexman when you enable the audio conferencing license an email is sent to each user with a PIN. If they dial in to a meeting that isn't started they are asked if they are the meeting organiser, then asked to enter their PIN which will start the meeting and admit people.


It's far more realistic for your staff to use the Teams app on their mobile phones to join meetings anyway, I really don't get why they would dial in.

@Steven Collier Adding to Stevens reply 


How does a user schedule and start a meeting when all attendees will be using a phone to dial in?

Audio Conferencing common questions - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

@Steven Collier  i agree but with them using the app or pc to jump on a call.. the issue was even though i the organizer was sitting in the call waiting the next caller never moved from the lobby.  A lot of calls i jump in i am almost always the first caller and i just get put in the call without the organizer..   


It seemed the only way for us to get on a call was for the organizer to use the app or teams pc app to allow callers to join.  I could not get in a call with just my phone.. it asked for my pin and put me in the call.. leaving the other caller in the lobby.. so im just going to allow them to join no matter if the org is on the call or not.  now to test to see if it works. 



We would use outlook.. add a team meeting and send out an invite.. 

@jestexman Haha oops, sounded like question from me didn't it? :) It's a copy/paste from the "common questions" section under Audio conferencing.

@ChristianBergstrom  oh no problem.. i just did a test and it works like i want it to.. Thanks for the help!



It depends on your settings in the meeting policy. The default is now to "Allow Dial-In Users to Bypass Lobby", that way if you were the organiser and provide your pin to start the call then they will all be admitted. If you have disabled that policy then they will be left in the lobby. AFAIK there's no DTMF codes you can dial to admit them. 

@Steven Collier are you saying they have changed this? 


We are updating the default meeting policy to automatically enforce lobby for all external users who join a Teams meeting, including attendees joining via Audio Conferencing. This policy change will only impact those tenants who have not modified the default meetings policy.”


Teams Updates Default Meeting Policy to Enforce External Lobby - Office 365 for IT Pros (office365it...