Caller ring back for auto attendant redirect (Direct routing) - Silence while redirecting

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Hi All, 


We're setup with ported direct routing telephone numbers and have assigned a phone number to a resource account, then the resource account is assigned on an auto attendant. 


When the auto attendant redirects to a user, the calling party does not hear any ring back, they just hear silence. 


Is this a bug, or is it by design?


P.s we have the ring back bot setup (i.e. direct routing gateway setting - media bypass disabled)



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How did you setup your SBC regarding the remote hold format?
I did write a blog regarding the Ringback with Direct Routing, please have a look.

@Erwin Bierens 


Our SBC is hosted with Pure-IP, so I've forwarded on this article to them to check the config - I think they use ribbon gateways. 


Are you able to confirm if you have an auto attendant with redirection to a user, and ring back working, when the call is in the process of being redirected?


Trying to get a straight answer out of Microsoft support is impossible.



Are you using the operator breakout or redirecting the call to a person in the organization?

@Erwin Bierens 


The inbound call rings the number of the resource account assigned to the AA, plays a short greeting, then redirects to a user (receptionist). While it's being redirected, there is silence. 


The operator is set within the AA as the same person, but it's my understanding that the call workflow only uses that if the caller key's in that they want to be transferred to the operator. 

@Erwin Bierens 


Any further suggestion on what we could do next?


Were you able to confirm if it works properly in your environment?



The account you choose must have a Phone System license enabled for Enterprise Voice or have an assigned a Calling Plan in Office 365

have you setup this for this particular user?

@Erwin Bierens 


Hi Erwin, 


We actually got it working in the end. There were some settings on the Ribbon voice gateway that our 3rd party direct routing partner host for us, which needed to be adjusted. 


The user assigned as the resource account has the visual license assigned. The user who the call is being redirected, has an office 365 e5 license.




  did Ribbon share with you the setting they had to change on the hosted SBC? we're having the same issue and getting nowhere with getting this resolved. 


thank you 

Do you have settings from Ribbon to get this issue fixed?

Hi @InnovationIT 

Could you share me the setting that you changed on the Ribbon SBC that resolved the issue?


Could you share me the setting that you changed on the Ribbon SBC that resolved the issue?
Hi @InnovationIT,

could you inform what the setting are, that need to be changed? And share that with us :)