Caller ID Policy applies only the Calling Party Name not the number

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Dear all,


I am setting up a Caller ID Policy to use with Teams Direct Trunking with the below settings:


  • Block incoming caller ID: OFF
  • Override the caller ID policy: OFF
  • Calling Party Name:
  • Replace the Caller ID with: Resource account
  • Replace the caller ID with this resource account: the account

The resource account has is equipped with a phonenumber, enterprise voice is $true and with the Voice RoutingPolicy.


When making a test call to my mobile phone, the Calling Party Name is applied, but still it is the direct number of my user.


Anyone else have experienced this?


p.s. the used resource account is licensed with a MS365 E5 Dev as a Virtual User is not available in the DEV tenant.


Kind regards,


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I think I solved my own problem :smile:. Had a bad feeling about the MS 365 E5 DEV license. So I recreated the same setup in a live tenant with the "Virtual User" license and everything is working as expected.


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