Caller ID Names (CNAM) support for Auto Attendant and Call Queues

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Caller ID Names currently work with dialing direct to the users' phone numbers but does not work when calls come into their mainline to an Auto Attendant or Call Queue. Is there any chance that the following roadmap would also address this major issue??


Reverse Number Lookup Enhancements (Q3 CY2020)


It's also listed on the UserVoice Forum marked as 'Try this instead'. Telling us on Feb 2020 to upgrade the phone firmware to the latest version, but that also doesn't address the issue.


Display incoming caller Id when callers dial a call queue:


I also have a case open with MS Support (21101861) which I just got the following response:


The call transferred from Auto Attendant to the below will not show the caller name of the caller only the telephone number. This is by design behavior
• Operator
• Teams user
• Call queue


This has been the #1 complaint about deploying the Teams Phone system and seems like it would be a basic feature of any phone system currently. I know I just missed the AMA last month for Teams but is there anyone on this forum that can help get this on the roadmap or know Alex (Teams Engineering, Microsoft Teams) on UserVoice to perhaps change the 'Try this instead' to something else, somehow I feel like making it that status takes it off the radar of the Teams Development team.




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Hello @ITSourcePro   I passed your comments along to the Calling program manager and his response was "It's a great feature request, I'll bug it."  Thank you for taking the time to express your thoughts.

@ThereseSolimeno Any way we can get an update from the calling program manager on this request? Thanks! This is a heavily desired request within our Organization.

@ThereseSolimeno Any update on this request? Is there a enhancement request for this somewhere that we can track? Thanks!

@TylerStorlie   I'll see what I can find out but the PMs are pretty busy so it may take a few days to get a response.


@ThereseSolimeno Its been months and months hope we can get and update

@ThereseSolimeno Any luck finding out about this? We want to roll this out Teams Calling more and more and this is a major sticking point. Any insight would be helpful.


Thanks again, I know the Teams team is busy.

@ITSourcePro  I've almost completely deployed Teams to a client and if callerID reverse lookup functionality doesn't improve, it may be a deal breaker for them. The ability to know who is calling through call queues is critical to their business. Any updates are appreciated.

@ThereseSolimeno Are there any updates on this? This is becoming a major pain-point for my users.
@ITSourcePro Any luck on your end or are you still dealing with this as well? Thanks in advance

Hello @SixStringPicker and @ITSourcePro   The update I was able to get from the PM is that the feature has been reviewed and it's still on the backlog.


There are a couple of Uservoice items you can vote on:

Support for CNAM on Inbound Calls – Microsoft Teams UserVoice


add support for outbound CNAM as specific name – Microsoft Teams UserVoice

@SixStringPicker I'm still dealing with this as well. Oddly, they have CNAM working on User Lines but not Service Lines (Auto Attendant and Call Queues). My only solution seems to be using a Direct Routing Partner like CallTower or someone like that. I know Microsoft gets their PSTN circuits for their Calling Plans via Since it works via Direct Routing Partners to the Auto Attendant and Call Queues, my guess is somehow isn't passing the CNAM info to MS on Service Lines?? Maybe @ThereseSolimeno can see if this is the case from the backend team. I imagine the Teams Calling Plans is essentially via Direct Routing behind the scenes. I could be wrong.

@ThereseSolimeno Thanks for the update. Is it possible that this might be an issue with not passing CNAM info to MS on Service Lines? Since we know it works via other Direct Routing providers through the same Auto Attendant and Call Queues in the Teams Admin Center?

Regarding the 2 UserVoice links. One is for Outbound CNAM, which we can email to apply the outbound name. Regarding the Inbound CNAM, I linked one at the top of this thread that has 333 votes for the same issue, but 'Alex (Teams Engineering, Microsoft Teams)' flagged it with "Try this instead" which doesn't address the issue at all. Do you know Alex and could she update that UserVoice? Finally, UserVoice is being shut down shortly and they directed any feedback to this TechCommunity message board...

Thanks again for trying to get some answers on what's going on. I know you're busy.
@ITSourcePro Thank you for all the detailed info!!!! You just answered nearly all of my questions. I'm going to try to stick it out with MS Calling Plans but will have to switch to Direct Routing if this does not become a priority for MSFT.

@ThereseSolimeno Thank you in advance for any updates to the questions from @ITSourcePro


cc @SixStringPicker 

I passed along your latest comments to the PM, who said he will share them with the features team.