Caller ID Masking for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

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Hello esteemable Members, 


I am new to this MSTeams stuff, I have been only playing around for several weeks with hosted direct routing (hence neither microsoft servers nor sbc are on premise) and so far works perfectly enough.


I am now trying to figure out: How do I  use single caller id for all the users under a company (caller id masking)? I tried to look around and the closest (I think) thread found is this:


I cant set LineURI from sfbo powershell, and the only option available from New-CsCallingLineIdentity -CallingIDSubstitute is "Service" and "Anonymous". As far as I understand "Service" means I have to purchase number from Calling Plan (CMIIW) and  "Anonymous" looks like I am a spammer to other callees.


Would you like to shed me a light on this topic or point me to any URL that I might miss to visit? 


Thank you very much in advance. 

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You are correct, you have to select "Service" or "Anonymous", the service number have to be a number provided by Microsoft, it can not be a Direct Routing number.


You could create a new identity with New-CsCallingLineIdentity and set a service number, then have the hosting provider for the SBC change this number to an number you want to show when you call out. 

Hi @Linus Cansby 


Thank you very much for replying. I guess I have to wait this in the future and hope MS is planning for this feature to be available too.  

Hi @Linus Cansby 


Does it mean this Caller ID proxy may be supported in the Direct Routing MS Teams?

If only we configure something (to make Caller ID Masking) in the SBC?



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@demo01OFON335 Yes, with Direct Routing it is supported by the SBC. You can setup your SBC to change the number you are calling from to something else. 

@Linus Cansby  Hello Linus, I guess this behavior hasn't changed ?


Thank you.





Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Trunk Translations allow you to manipulate caller and called numbers at a per-trunk level. While not exactly what you are after, it may serve the purpose.


Look at this article for more info - Any questions let me know.

@godril Hi, just wondering if you have come up with a solution about this? Thanks!

Just noticing this post, I lost my previous account so this is the new one.
In case you still need it, currently Microsoft Teams allow us to use same callerid by creating Caller ID Policy using CsCallingLineIdentity with CallingIDSubstitute set to Resource. Basically you let your users utilize Resource accounts numbers/DIDs (Auto Attendant or Call Queues) as their callerid.
Please have a look at: