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Hello All,


I know it's possible to set the Caller ID of people using a "Calling Line Identity", however there seems to be a couple of limitations.


- Doesn't allow you to define your own number (direct routing)

- Must be a Microsoft Service Number, or the users' number


Does anybody know of a way to mask a person's (or group of people's) phone number with the call queue number (the number assigned to the resource account)? This shouldn't be limited to just PSTN calls, but all calls.  Similar to the way a user can make a call on behalf of somebody else when they are a delegate.



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That is correct, currently can't set the Caller ID to a Direct Routing number. But what you can do is to set a service number in the CsCallingLineIdentity. Then in your SBC change the INVITE FROM identity from the MS Service Number to your Direct Routing number before you sent out the call to your SIP trunk.


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@Linus CansbyThanks. That is possible, and fairly easy to do from the SBC side, but doesn't mask the caller ID of the person calling others inside Teams.  Similar to the user voice you recommended (I added my vote), being able to call as the queue.


It is now possible todo this inside of Teams, so internal calls will also show the number of the CQ (or AA). No need to make changes on the SBC. See this post for more info: