Call transfer option missing iOS client

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We have a problem where the option to transfer a call on the iOS client is missing from the list of options after pressing the ellipsis.


We've tried the obvious - ensuring iOS is up to date, installing the latest Teams build from the app store, etc. Now looking for the less obvious ideas. Android & Windows versions are OK


Suggestions anyone?




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I've seen the same for calls to Call Queues. Then the solution was to turn off conference mode.

Microsoft also confirmed that it is an known issue with Call Queues and iOS. It works with older versions of Teams app. It works on Android.
Thanks Linus. Does turning off conference mode re-introduce the large delay on answering PSTN calls?
I have not seen that in my tests on iOS, Android and Windows. I have a customer that been using it too and they have not complained.
Can you link me to something that shows Microsoft has confirmed it is a known issue? I have 2 users with iPhones dealing with this issue. In our case, I turned off Conference Mode, but that just caused more issues, mainly being unable to connect to the incoming calls at all. On both mobile and desktop clients. It could be because we use Direct Routing.
Sorry, no public confirmation. Microsoft sales representative checked internally and found that information.

I suggest that you report to Microsoft support.

@Linus Cansby 


Thanks, I've already opened a support case.

Same issue for us- please report if/when you get a response.

A new version of the mobile app was released for iOS on Friday (4.16.0), but it didn't resolve this issue. I'm waiting for Microsoft to even acknowledge that there is a problem with the app.
I'm having the same issue.
Microsoft Support confirmed that this was a bug.

"We have received update from the Product Engineering team that they are working on the fix this issue, ETA Q3 sep 2022."
Last night version 4.18.0 was release which fix this problem for us.