Call records and usage reports are now obfuscating the last 3 digits of the PSTN number

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Hi guys,

Since 21.04.2022 12:55 CET that on my customer tenants the Call Records that I extract using GraphAPI


The PSTN callee and callerID are masked on the last 3 digits. example +41768111***

I also noticed the same behaviour looking at the data and export the usage PSTN reports


This as made a chaos on some of my customers that rely on those records for example to charge back contractual service hours dependent on the amount of time an individual called. Now there is not enough data to track back!



I open incidents at MS support but as you know is slow as ....

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@Luis Ramos Did the level of permissions assigned to your account change?


I think the last three digit obfuscation only applies to Communication Support specialist and engineer.


Use Call Analytics to troubleshoot poor call quality - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Hi@Steven Collier 

No, I thought of something like that but I have the Teams Administrator role . I don't even have the other roles and I can do any Teams admin tasks.
Actually I noticed the 'issue' started with a powershell that extracts the record using the GraphAPI
And that one you need to register an application with permissions to get the CDR data.

I have this now on at least 3 customers.
Opened an Support incident at MS, but they are still trying to understand my problem after 6 days....

Since 26.04.2022 15:51.07 CET that the records start appearing without mask when you export them from TAC, but are still masked if you extract using the

Again, no explanations published or provided by MS support

And now we don't get and call history records newer than 28.04.2022 9.21 CET.

I've never been so much frustrated working with MS

Hi @Luis Ramos,
we have the same problem with at least one customer. Do you still have the problem? And if not, have you found a solution?

Hi @Lucas_Peschek
Yes, still on the same status.
And after two weeks the latest MS support incident update is "what is your customer tenant name?"

Hi, @Luis Ramos 

I have found out in the meantime that it is a data protection issue:

Microsoft Teams PSTN usage report - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


And thanks for the reference to your blog, maybe the workaround via the SBC is something for our customer.

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That section seems to have been introduced 20 days ago and pulled 2 days ago

Besides blowing up business cases, it's still a total mess: (1) I am in Switzerland and it's masking 3 digits and not 4. (2) if you make a call forward or get calls to Call Queues, it will mask the callee (your own number) and keep the callerID (the external number that the call is forward :)
10.05.2022 9:35:00Z MS just started obfuscating 4 digits in the Switzerland CDR without any notice and 2 days after I asked MS support why it was not according to their documentation....

@Luis Ramos 


Why not to use a 3rd party solution like MoYoBi?

MoYoBi is able to show the complete dialled number.


More info on MoYoBi web site.


I hope it will help you.



@Luis Ramos 

Hi Luis

Have you found any solution for this problem? I'm struggling with the same problem here in Switzerland, that we can't assign calls anymore.

What do you mean you "cannot assign calls anymore"?
Until now, we have always matched the incoming and outgoing calls (call number and call duration) with the service recording for our support services.

The incident was closed as is:
- the 3 (and then changed to 4 after I mentioned on the ticket that the documentation was mentioning 4 in CH but I was getting 3 digits obfuscated ) digits obfuscation will stay like that as a regulatory country demand. MS refused to provide any official reference.
- The change was unannounced by MS and even the support of MS doesn't know nothing about that.