Call Queues and Reception

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All - first post, please be kind!


We are rolling out enterprise voice using Teams and would like some advice on how to implement call flow below:


1) We need to be able to have a main line number reach 2 receptionists as same time

2) If both receptionists are on the phone, calls should overflow to another group of users (all at same time)

3) If no one answers, back to the original 2 receptionists

4)  If now not answered, shared voicemail


Many thanks for any help and advice!



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1) Setup a Call Queue and use Attendant routing as routing method.


2) In the Call Queue you can setup call overflow handling to send the call to another queue or person, but not based on if they are busy, only when there are x number of calls already waiting. Or you can use Call time out so send the call to another queue or person after x minutes/seconds.


3) In the second queue use the call time out to send the call back to the first queue.


4) Then you have to setup a third queue will call time out set to a voicemail. So first Queue 1 > Time out to Queue 2 > Time out to Queue 3 > Timeout to voicemail.

@Linus Cansby thanks, guidance much appreciated.  We're testing this at 4 pm BST.

@Linus Cansby one more question?  Can ringtone of Call Queue be changed?

@JulienR1234 No, that is not possible. There is a uservoice requesting this, vote for that one and spread it to others so they can vote too.



Correct me if I am wrong, but you cant forward to a voicemail from a call queue.
You would need to send the call to an attendant, that will forward it to a voicemail.

Attendant > Call Queue > Call Queue (Overflow) > Attendant > Team (shared voicemail)

would recommend removing the third call queue, and instead add the receptionist into the overflow queue too.
Would also suggest creating a Team for the receptionists, and add the Team into the queue instead of the users individually.

That way;
Calls to the Mainline/Attendant are forwarded to the call queue.
The call queue will announce the call to the reception team (Team)
Call is announced to both receptionists at same time (attendant routing).
If the call times out or too many calls in the queue, forward to the overflow queue.
The call is then announced to both receptionist & additional staff all at the same time (attendant routing).
If the call goes unanswered after X time, forward to the Voicemail Auto Attendant.
Voicemail Auto Attendant then forwards the call to the Team's sharedvoicemail.