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It seems to me that one thing that is sorely missing on the Teams PSTN calling ability is the notification of which agent has answered a call from a call queue.


So we have say 5 people in a call queue they all ring at the same time, on Skype it would notify to say answered by Joe Bloggs but on Teams it does nothing other than close the box.


This is not helpful when managing teams remotely as we are now and was a very useful feature in Skype for Business.


Any ideas when this will be re-introduced?

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Hi @Peter Longley ,


I agree this would be a welcome feature, we have a Call group coming into the main number and we are never sure if the call was answered or not. 


There is a uservoice ticket for this  - 



@Andrew Hodges 


Yes I have already voted on the uservoice but with only 31 votes it could be ages until anything is done.


Seems like a big miss to me with the transition from Skype to Teams but not many others seem to agree.

Hi @Peter Longley 


We are seeing an uptick in Voice enquiries due to the amount of users/businesses that have suddenly switched to Microsoft Teams, hopefully this will translate into a bit more focus on the business voice capabilities like is now being shown to the Teams client. 

@Andrew Hodges 

They'd better add a lot of features soon, since Skype for Business is End-of-Life in 8 months from now.

@Andrew Hodges I can't find that UserVoice suggestion. Any idea what happened to it?

@Peter Longley can you enable "Conference Mode" in the settings of the specific call queue? 
This should show which agent answered the call to the other agents.

This is not documented though, but fixed the issue for us.


Mind the pre-requisites (lates Teams client etc):

Create a call queue in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

@JJeffery UserVoice is not used for Teams feedback anymore but you can find a similar item on the new feedback platform: 

@Stanislaw_Koltschin I turned on "Conference Mode" but now I'm facing a different issue: users can see calls answered by other agents, but they see all calls with their own name -- as if they have answered all these calls.


Do you have the same issue?

we have the same issue, don't believe it has been fixed yet?