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How do I get the time a call waited in Teams Call Queue before answered by an agent?

Any suggestions will help!



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@Ranra145 Hi there - You can add the average wait time:


Enable average wait time

  1. Sign in to Omnichannel Administration.

  2. Go to Channels > Chat.

  3. Open the chat widget in which you want to enable the wait time setting.

  4. Go to the Basic details tab.

  5. In the Customer waiting area, change Show average wait time to Yes. (This feature is set to No by default.)

  6. Select Save.

More info can be found here:


I hope this helps :)

Hi @Ethan Stern 


I'm not familiar with Omnichannel at all - it integrates with existing Teams Call Queue? I want to get the call waiting time for external callers.




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@Ranra145 Hi Ranra, I am sorry I wasn't clear in my earlier reply- I believe the only way you can get the call wait time is to use Omnichannel - I do not believe it is available through Teams Call Queue at the moment.