Call queue time out when no one is in queue

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I have set a call time out on a queue, so it will go to the voicemail after one minute.

I hoped it would go to voicemail immediately when on one is in the queue (no one is logged in or everybody has opted out). Is this even possible?




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Hi @sphilippens ,


I don't believe you can but this is a good request.

I would strongly recommend looking at: and giving it a vote or at least looking at the chat around this topic.


I know there is a presence based routing option within the CQ configuration, however the onus would be on the end user to ensure they are in Available when they are available. Which is easier said than done if they have meetings that are for longer than they attend etc.


Presence-based routing Presence-based routing uses the availability status of call agents to determine whether an agent should be included in the call routing list for the selected routing method. Call agents whose availability status is set to Available are included in the call routing list and can receive calls. Agents whose availability status is set to any other status are excluded from the call routing list and won't receive calls until their availability status changes back to Available.


I would also look at this option that can help make things a bit slicker too in terms of CQ configuration:


Conference mode Conference mode significantly reduces the amount of time it takes for a caller to be connected to an agent, after the agent accepts the call. If you have more than one call queue, you can enable conference mode on some or all of your call queues; enabling or disabling conference mode on one call queue doesn't impact any other call queues.


The above was taken from:








Hello Henry,


I upvoted the user voice suggestion and I will definitely take a look at Presence-based routing.