Call Queue Schedule

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I'm working on a solution for an internal on-call roster for a Teams call queue. We are using direct routing and the requirement is that a queue should have the ability to add/remove users every week as the people in the queue will change due it being a rostered on-call queue. 


I see a few methods: 

1. Route the queue to the full group of users and let them toggle the queue on and off if they are on-call that week or not (I think this might be the best method) 

2. Route to a Teams Channel or the full group of users as individuals and have their manager or someone in the team set up with some form of Admin credentials to go into Teams Admin Center and make the changes that way. (this isnt ideal due to having to setup security permissions) 


What is the best method for adding/removing users in a self-service way for a queue of this nature? 


If it changes every week I can only see two options - the toggle on the queue or an administrator logging in to make the changes every week. 




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