Call Queue Notifications While in a Call are Incredibly Loud

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I've looked at quite a few similar threads but nothing with an exact match -- and certainly no solution.


We recently moved to Teams Voice.  For the most part it has gone well.  One of the few genuine complaints occurs when you are on a call and a Call Queue (CQ) call arrives.  The notification sound is deafening.  You cannot hear the original call over the notification sound.  


We cannot use Presence-Based Routing (PBR) because there may be only one person working the CQ.  Also you need to be able to see the notification box because you may be waiting for a callback related to the current call.  And of course, other items on your calendar (even placeholder appointments) may prevent you from receiving calls if you use PBR.  


We can use the option to mute notifications from within the call or meeting BUT... it doesn't work for CQ calls.  They come busting through. 

We need a way to reduce the volume of CQ notifications or switch to a different sound that doesn't pierce the eardrums of people working the CQ.

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The only solution for your use case is Presence based routing. I don't see any additional workaround for the same. In case you don't want to use presence-based routing it would be difficult or no solution from the Call Queue or Auto Attendant standpoint.

Only thing that can work is multiple users should be in the Call Queue at the same time. In case there are only few users in the Call Queue you can configure the Call overflow to the Call Queue Manager/Duty Manager to indicate that the Call is awaiting.

That is the only workaround we can think on Microsoft Teams Call Queue. Apart from this you can always look at the Third-Party Contact Centre Solution for the same.

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