Call queue behavior when all agents are away

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I can not seem to find any information on this.


Basically we have a small call queue and when both agents are away we want the incoming call to go straight to VM instead of waiting for the call timeout.


We tested using the toggle to remove from the Queue call but the call just went to hold music.


Any suggestions or work arounds?

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Calls will only go to the Voicemail after the Call Timeout. I would recommend utilizing the Auto Attendant nested in a Call Queue so that during the after business hrs you can route all the calls straight to voice mail with the Business Hrs functions in Microsoft Teams

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Hi Satish,


Yes we have auto attendant but we are talking about during business hours. We only have two people on reception so there will be times when both will not be on the phones i.e they are in a meeting ect. 


We are currently only in Proof of concept stage at the moment but this could be a deal breaker if we can not at least find a compromise/workaround.




I always recommend to have the over flow less than 2minutes which ensure that if the both the reception people are not available the call automatically overflows to the M365 Group Voicemail.

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I've been looking for exactly the same thing as other solutions can do exactly this (is available<1 ignore timer or use alt route)


Luckily most kpi's I come across have 30 second tta before being rerouted


Hi Satish, We're facing the same issue. Call comes in to the Resource Account number, call queue times out because no agents to pick up the call in time, but the caller is disconnected, even though all agents have their voicemail activated and online. Is the only way around this problem to create a 365 Group Voicemail for the agents already in a call queue and already with their own voicemail active? Thanks.