Call Quality Dashboard and QoS


I know the CQD provides information regarding call quality, but does it specifically provide information to verify that QoS is being applied to calls?   I have read that to validate QoS implementation, you need to verify that the DSCP value exists at each end of the call (, but I guess I'm not sure of the easiest way to go about that.


If CQD doesn't provide that kind of info, I'm assuming basic traffic monitoring/packet capturing with a tool like NetMon or WireShark would do it??




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@PMorgan_1116 Hey there- this is a good article that summarizes how to ensure you have turned on the QoS markers in the Teams Meeting Policies setting (I have seen some tenants that have missed turning this part on and ended up not even having traffic prioritized).  The article also gives a great overview of how to use WireShark to check the DSCP value exists at each end.


I hope this helps.

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It's not really 'both ends', QoS won't be there when it crosses the internet, only from the client as far as your network perimeter. CQD can't know how far it gets. Validate that the router is seeing DSCP values, it'll have some kind of function to show the amount of traffic in each queue.

@Ethan Stern Thanks for sharing this information! That was very helpful :)

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@Ethan Stern Thanks for the link..great article!

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Hello Ethan,

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the Article that you share is wonderful, but i have one doubt and confusion.

in that article you showed that enable the QOS Setting from Teams Admin Portal and also Configure QOS policy for client system from Group policy. I can understand that we are configuring QOS GPO for LAN system that are on Domain Network Systems.

but why we are enabling the QOS on Teams Admin Center ??
Is bot the Options are same ??
if their is a difference can you please help me to understand the same ??

i saw many MS article for QOS but i haven't find any articles that is mention to enable QOS on Teams Admin Center.

So i just want to know what we can or can not achieve if we enable or don't enable QOS setting from Teams Admin Center.

Hello Steven,

I have 2 questions to you.

1. can we Check whether QOS is implemented correctly from Teams Side or from CQD or Call Analytics ?

2. Can we check QOS from CQD Portal ?