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Since my company and my customer both have Teams, I use a setup, where one account is used in the natively installed app and the other is used within a browser. I have this same situation on our Windows 10 laptop (with Edge) and vice versa on the customer CentOS 7 Linux laptop (with Chrome).


Now, the problem is, if a call comes in on the browser, I don't hear anything (since it only rings in the headset) and I don't get any desktop notifications about it, so I constantly miss calls. Additionally, since I have both laptops on a KVM switch, I do need visual and audible notifications. The notifications for the natively installed versions are fine, there something pops up when a call comes in, but also no ringing.


What do I have to do to receive visual (e.g. popup) and audible (e.g. ringing through speaker) notifications of incoming calls for all cases?


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I try to simplify the question to a specific case I just experienced and which causes me to miss calls:


Teams runs in Edge browser, but I work in another window and the headset lies on the table.

Now a call comes in and there is no visual notification of it and I only hear by chance that something is ringing in the headset.


What I like to have is a popup window, just like it is with my desktop version of Teams running the 2nd account or alternatively ringing through PC speaker as well.


Hi @AlexanderRuehl,


When you log-in to Teams on the web simply "Enable" desktop notifications.



Adil Yoosuf

@adilyoosuf I'd like to, but where?
During login there is nothing to enable that - I open Teams, I select the account, I give my credentials, I might have to provide the 2nd factor, I can state that it should stay logged in - and then I see the application.


In the settings in Teams browser application, I don't see anything about desktop notifications. And also, there ist no 2nd ring tone as possible in desktop application.


In the Edge settings I configured this for Teams: ("Benachrichtigung" is "notifications", "ein" is "on")




And in the Windows system settings for notifications I configured this for Teams:





But still - I don't see anything if a call comes into this browser Teams if it is not already opened.





Make sure your Edge is up-to-date. You can try using Google Chrome as well to narrow down the root cause of the problem.




I updated Edge to the latest version.
What happens now is, that if someone types a chat message, I receive the standard Windows notification in the lower right of the desktop.

But if someone calls me, I get nothing. There's only the ring tone in my headset, but no visible notification.

Same behaviour in Chrome,




I have the same experience via Chrome. Perhaps this is a limitation in Teams Web version.