Call history for delegates

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Our CEO has an assistant who has been setup as a calling delegate in Teams.  This enables the assistant to answer the CEO's call when they are busy or unavailable.  Works great, the assistant can see that the call is for the CEO's line and can see the call display of the caller.  However, if the assistant steps away for lunch, she is unable to tell from the call history if missed calls were for her (assistant) or for the CEO.  There is no differentiation in the call history for direct calls vs delegated calls.  


Am I missing a setting somewhere?  If the toast notification can show that an inbound call is a delegated call and show the callers detail, why can't the call history? How would an assistant who gets delegated calls for more than one executive be able to know which exec needs to call back what caller?

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Same situation. Would love to see if there's a solution to this.
We have secretaries that have 3 different attorneys that they cover for and we have the same issue. Who missed the call? was it me, or him, or him, or her? A fix would be great. The phone system knows who the call was for, it just needs to share the information with us.

It would be great if a delegate could identify what calls were for them and what was for the users that they support. 


It would be also helpful if there was a delay in calls to delegates.


Same request from my organization.